FIDE-Jahrestagung 16.-18. September 2022

27th Annual Meeting of FIDE and Halle – Addis Ababa Summer School


Despite global efforts to improve women’s health, provision of care remains a challenge particularly in low- and middle- income countries. With the climate and environmental crisis worsening health disparities, and burden of disease shifting towards non-communicable diseases, health systems need to adapt and transformative action is required.

Our conference seeks to serve as an interdisciplinary platform to address these changing patterns in Global and Planetary Health.

Focussing on gynaecology, obstetrics and public women’s health, WE INVITE YOU to Halle, where we organise interactive workshops, presentation of current research and medical partnerships‘ activities, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

PD Dr Eva Kantelhardt

in cooperation with FIDE AG and Addis Ababa University

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